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What Not To Wear

By Noelle Armaly - October 9, 2016


How-to videos watched... check. Materials researched and purchased
(on sale :)... check. Tools and safety equipment... check. Once the pieces
were laid out for my laminate feature wall and I began the installation I
ran into a puzzling problem...
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It's A Lie

By Noelle Armaly - November 1, 2015


Lately I’ve felt challenged to speak out when things aren’t right. I pray and do my best to issue such utterances from loving motivation and following God's version of 'right' and not my own opinion. Thankfully, with the Father's help it's getting easier to formulate and deliver responses with a conviction strong enough to overcome the volume of my wildly pounding heart... Read More



The Tale of Two Tabletops

By Noelle Armaly - March 8, 2015


It’s been another long, cold winter without much sunshine or reprieve from temperatures languishing in the -20 to -30°C range. Such is the season here in Northern Ontario Canada where frozen fingers and temperamental vehicles are common woes amidst winter's unforgiving grip. One dark and frosty morning, however... Read More


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